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Workers’ Compensation Complete Rehabilitative Services:  Texas Work Comp Injury Clinics is one of the most unique workers’ compensation facilities in all of Texas.  Unlike other workers’ compensation rehabilitation facilities, we have an entire team of medical doctors, chiropractors, licensed massage therapists, behavioral counselors, physical therapists and case managers available in house for all of our patients. This ensures that you will get the medical care and compensation deserved after suffering a work related injury.

Physical rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy is an important part of a treatment plan for many conditions. Physical rehabilitation (physiotherapy) is also used effectively in helping injured workers return to the workforce. We have a team of physical therapists on hand to assist in the timely recovery of your work related injuries.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is based on the diagnosis and manipulation of misalignments of the joints, primarily those found in the spinal column. These misalignments can cause other issues in the body, that may start affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs if left untreated. Chiropractic adjustments can help patients who suffer from many ailments and injuries that cause chronic pain in the back, neck and other areas of the body.

Medical massage therapy

We utilize medical massage therapy in conjunction with our other rehabilitative therapy programs to accelerate the healing process. Massage therapy offers many health benefits that can help most people in different ways. Massage can provide relaxation, but it is can reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles and ligaments and aids in the recovery from injury. Massages aren’t just meant for spas or a sporadic pamper, it is an integral part of whole body rehabilitation.

Medical pain management & medication management

In the interest of patient care excellence, we have trained our physicians and staff in best practices relating to the prescription of pain medicines, including narcotics. When pain management, through use of controlled substances is clinically indicated, our medical doctors will make sure you receive the right medication at the right time and in the right amount.

Behavioral counseling

Not all injuries are physical.  Often, chronic pain resulting from an accident at work can have profound effects on the psychological well-being of patients. Many prominent workers’ compensation payers are actively recommending behavioral therapy for claimants who suffer from chronic pain and psychological issues that are hindering their recovery. When properly administered, behavioral counseling can help you return to work sooner by assisting in the coping of emotional issues that are related to a work place injury.


Learn More about these Rehabilitative Services

Complete Rehabilitative Care in Irving

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments to alleviate pain and restore nervous system function.

Behavioral Counselers

Behavioral Counselors

We help with the psychological toll that chronic pain can have on you after an injury.

Medication Management

Pain & Medication Management

Our medical doctors prescribe medicine and administer care to aide in recovery.


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